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Description of Services


Lionheart Society, L.L.C. creates positive environments through our coaching and consultation services, programs that uniquely engage women, men, couples, and families. Clients can select from an array of distinctive options to achieve their desired goals and outcomes. ​LET’S GET STARTED!

Coaching Services

At times, “trying to hold it all together” can be difficult. Our personalized coaching experience aids and guides the client to meet and integrate career, marriage, and/or family goals and objectives. We will support you as you move towards gaining new insights, making positive changes, and practicing new behaviors.

Consultation Services

Our consultation services seek to anticipate the needs of women, men, couples, and families. We will take care of every detail, from partnering with the finest vendors, to customizing an event or excursion that excites and tantalizes the senses and helping parents plan for the arrival of their newest family member. Just schedule an appointment, so we can take care of all the details! After completing your purchase, please schedule your consultation. You will be extremely happy that you did!

To book a coaching session or consultation, please select the option that best suits your needs below.

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Sitting Down With Coach Lisa

Coach Lisa Speaks on LionHeart Society

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