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For Women

The Society gives you immediate access to the support of a sisterhood, a host of coaching and consultation services, and information tools to help ensure that you excel in every area of your life. It may be a man’s world, but rest assured, women run and rule it! Join today to access exclusive member benefits and receive a free gift today!

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Now that he’s put a ring on it, life isn’t the same without HIM around. Don't you agree ladies? We celebrate love throughout the year with custom-curated events specifically designed to draw you closer to your man. Tap into our network of couples who enjoy creating lasting memories and friendships.

For Couples

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Pace of life seems to be happening more quickly these days. Everyone’s hustlin' and bustlin' to complete that never-ending to-do list. Who has time to plan family gatherings anymore? Let us workout all of the logistics. It’s not just a family outing but a social experience to us. Join today to connect with other families just like yours. 

For the Family


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Exclusive Memberships


  • Benefit from special discounts on merchandise and consultation services

  • Receive priority access to upcoming events

  • Enjoy a membership that can be fitted into every budget

  • Gain tons of perks!

Consulting Packages


  • Customizing consultation package to meet your career, marriage, and family's needs

  • Creating an unforgettable date night for the special woman in HIS life 

  • Crafting the most amazing girl-group weekend getaways or social gatherings

  • “Spilling all the tea over” the cocktails and dinner!