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With Lisa Lewis Daniels

Lisa Lewis Daniels
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Lionheart Society, L.L.C. is THE HEART OF THE HOME, wherein there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

CEO and Founder, Lisa Lewis Daniels curates customized experiences for the culture.

For over a decade, ​Coach Lisa Lewis Daniels ​mentored and supported many through a series of tailor-made experiential, custom-curated events in honor of healing the heart through the home.


Embracing her life's work, ​Coach Daniels started the video blog ​Heels, Hubby and Highchair in 2016 to focus on various kid- and family-centered topics and issues. Love of family organically evolved into her passion of coaching and consulting with women, men, and couples during some of the most pivotal times—career, marriage, and parenthood—of their lives.


Join The Society to engage with others dedicated to opening the “heart of the home” to a life-long journey of experiences lived out loud.


The Society // Find Where You Fit In

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Learn from Coach Daniels how to integrate career, marriage, and/or family goals and objectives.


Join the fun!

Experience custom-curated events: For Her, For Couples, and For the Family.

Let us help you prepare a remarkable and memorable event!


Meet  Members 

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On Events by Lionheart Society, L.L.C.

“​Lisa! Lisa! Lisa! I wish I had half the talent, vision, patience, and attention to detail that you exude with planning your events. I’ve attended quite a few and I am always impressed with how seamlessly you bring everything and everyone together.” ​

Mrs. Lindria Dockett
Lindria Dockett Photography

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